Homestead House CSA Shares

Total Donations $802.00!  Thank You!

Friends Helping Friends

We have met our goal!

From Left Stefan, John, David, John, Matt.

From Left Stefan, John, David, John, Matt.



On Saturday May 10th we presented David Cabrera with a certificate acknowledging that we had achieved our fundraising goal and will be providing the men of Homestead House a share of produce each week of this growing season. David gratefully and graciously accepted on behalf of the men of Homestead House.

Present in the photo from left to right are Stefan Streit and John Crooke, Tinicum CSA, David Cabrera, Owner Homestead House, John Haspel, Cross River Meditation Center, and Matt Branham,Frenchtown Acupuncture Clinic. Absent from photo is Moira Kowalczyk, Cross River Meditation Center and unable to attend Bill Brokaw,Brokaw Photography. Thank You to all who contributed!


Our sangha member Stefan Streit who along with John Crooke operate the Tinicum CSA just across the Frenchtown Bridge. Through the support of donors and their own generosity they support the donation of shares of their produce to various folks.

The Buddha taught ten “paramitas” or ten perfect virtues to be cultivated as part of the way of understanding. The first of these is the paramita of Dana or generosity. Practicing dana is a powerful and direct way of diminishing desire and attachment while expressing true compassion. Practicing dana is practicing awakening.

It is a significant and mindful expression of Dana by our Sangha to sponsor a share this season from Tinicum CSA. It is most skillful for Stefan’s and John’s planning to know how many shares to expect for the growing season. Our goal is to collect enough donations to sponsor one share for the men of Homestead House in Frenchtown. The men at Homestead house were a wonderful part of our Dana Dinner last year and would greatly benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually by our expression of dana.

We will have a donation box at The Frenchtown Acupuncture Clinic and we are planning to place a few other boxes. If you know of a business that would let us leave a box, please let us know. Checks can be made out to Tinicum CSA.

Information about Stefan and John and Tinicum CSA is here: Tinicum CSA



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