The Wisdom of Restraint

The Wisdom of Restraint is an article on developing restraint. It is mindful restraint at the Six-sense base that develops awakening or full human maturity. …

Becoming Explained – The Loka, Bhava, and Mula Suttas

There is much confusion as to the meaning of “becoming.” Due to this confusion, great license is taken in interpreting what is meant by becoming as taught by the Buddha. This confusion and the following misapplication of the Dhamma can be avoided by simply looking at the Buddha’s own words from the following three sutta’s…

Cula-Saccaka Sutta

In the Cula-Saccaka sutta the Buddha is challenged to debate by Saccaka, a follower of Nigantha Nataputta, the local leader of a Jain sect….

The Nagara Sutta – The Buddha Describes His Awakening

The Nagara Sutta is remarkable in its simplicity in describing Dependent Origination in a practically applied way. In this sutta the Buddha clearly shows how ignorance of Four Noble Truths and of The Three Marks of existence “originates” the process that all manner of disappointment, unsatisfactoriness, distraction, and suffering – in a word Dukkha – is “dependent” on…

The Sabbasava Sutta

In the Sabbasava Sutta the Buddha teaches the ending of mental fermentations through appropriate, or refined mindfulness. ..